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Personalized and comprehensive dental care. Beautiful smiles for family, career and life. A healthy smile for a healthy life. Comprehensive dental care for your entire family. Conveniently located near the Burlington Mall. Healthy smiles for life.

Welcome to Super Smiles Dental

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Who We Are

Your Community Dental Health Center

Super Smiles Dental of Burlington is a modern Dental Health Care Center serving Arlington, Burlington, Lexington, Woburn and surrounding areas.

Our mission is to provide high quality affordable dental health care to all members of our community. Seniors, young adults, and children; all are welcome at Super Smiles Dental, your community's family dentist.

What We Do

Provide Superior Quality Dental Health Care

Maintaining good oral health with a beautiful smile is essential to maintaining a healthy and successful life. Your oral health is important as it directly impacts your overall health, appearance, and self esteem; thereby, affecting your emotional health and your personal and professional standing. The Super Smiles Dental professional staff are committed to improving your oral health to improve your life.

What Will You Experience

Gentle, Friendly, Premium Level of Service

Led by Dr. Miller, the Super Smiles Dental professionals will make your visit the most informed, comfortable and personable experience possible. Dr. Miller will instantly make you feel at ease with a gentle and expert approach to providing the quality care you deserve. Dr. Miller ensures you are well informed through the course of your dental treatment discussing all challenges, their remedies, and the next steps most appropriate for your specific personal needs.

Using extensive medical expertise and experience in conjunction with the latest array of dental technologies and information systems, Dr. Miller will craft comprehensive dental care options that restore and improve your oral health, brighten your smile and fit within your financial goals.


All Insurances Accepted

We work with all insurance providers, are in-network with a broad selection of insurances, and make every effort to ensure you have all the information you need to successfully navigate through your insurance plan.

Our Location

Super Convenient Location near Market Basket

Super Smiles Dental is conveniently located a short distance away from the Burlington Mall and technology companies, across the street from Trader Joes and Market Basket; allowing you to plan your visit around your meeting schedule, shopping, and errands.

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Super Smiles! Beautiful smiles for family, career, and life!