Implant Treatment

We manage the implant process and handle the restoration after surgery.

Implants are a great way to replace any missing teeth in the mouth. They consist of titanium screws that anchor in the bone just like a natural tooth.

Implants are a permanent long-lasting solution and can replace missing teeth in a variety of ways:

Single Tooth Implant

One missing tooth can be replaced by a single implant. The implant is inserted in the bone. A crown then goes on top to rebuild your smile. It is possible to place several single implants to replace as many teeth as desired.

Three to Four Consecutive Teeth Implants

When several teeth are missing in the same span, a number of crowns are fused together and placed on top of two implants. This is called a bridge.

Full Arch Implants

Implants can provide support for a full set of top and bottom teeth. The teeth are fused together on a structure that rests on top of the implants. Because the structure is fixed over the implants and never moves, the result is a more comfortable, natural looking prosthesis that doesn’t rub and irritate your gums and doesn’t slip while you eat or talk.

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