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GLO Whitening System

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With age and experience comes wisdom and knowledge; unfortunately, so do teeth stains. At Super Smiles of Burlington, Massachusetts, we know that a beautifully white smile is a super smile. If your smile could use some whitening and you’re in the greater Middlesex County area, please schedule an appointment with our highly trained team of dental professionals led by Emilie Miller, DMD. Dr. Miller has years of experience and training with the newest tools and latest techniques in the dental profession.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

There are many different types of teeth whitening systems available today, both over the counter, as well as from a dentist. The bleaching effect that causes the whitening, or lightening, of your teeth comes from the active ingredient peroxide. Carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are the two most common bleaching agents in these products.

Over the counter systems are much less potent and require more frequent use, for a longer duration to achieve the same whitening results. In fact, over the counter products can take up to four months to achieve the same results that just one visit to Super Smiles for a half-hour treatment can produce.

At Super Smiles, we use the powerful, state of the art whitening technology known as GLO.

What Is GLO?

The GLO Teeth Whitening Device harnesses the power of Guided Light Optics, or G.L.O., technology along with their own specially formulated bleaching agent to produce incredible results in hardly any time at all.

First, the proprietary GLO formulated hydrogen peroxide formula is applied to the GLO mouthpiece and then inserted in your mouth. Next, the GLO mouthpiece starts to glow from special heat resistors and LED lights within it to speed up the whitening process by heating and energizing the hydrogen peroxide formula. This leads to faster results without the sensitivity to your gums that other systems can cause.

This award winning, patented, and FDA approved technology is a fast, safe, and convenient way to whiten your teeth and is available at Super Smiles Dental, near you.

Should I Whiten My Teeth?

The following considerations should be taken into account before having your teeth whitened, but if you have any questions or concerns, or feel as though these may not necessarily apply to you, please speak with Dr. Miller to find a solution right for you.

  • Children under the age of 16 should not whiten their teeth due to the sensitivity of their still growing teeth
  • Teeth whitening is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women
  • If you have gum disease, the bleaching agent can cause irritation, discomfort, or pain
  • If you have worn enamel, the whitening formula can wear away what’s left of your existing enamel and make the condition worse
  • If you have cavities, you should have them filled before whitening your teeth since the whitening agent will seep into the decayed area and cause pain or discomfort
  • If you have exposed roots, tooth whitening won’t work on them since they do not have enamel to lighten
  • If you have fillings, crowns, bridges, or other restorative work comprising composite resin or porcelain materials which won’t match the color of your newly whitened teeth (whitening agents don’t work on them and will leave your teeth two different colors)
  • Brown and blue/grey teeth do not respond well to whitening and may require additional treatments to achieve desired results

There are workarounds to many of these issues that don’t include patiently waiting to mature, finish maternity, or for your gum disease to get better. Dr. Miller can explain to you what options are available for your specific scenario and how you can brighten your smile. Veneers and bonding may provide you with the whiter smile you desire.

How White Should My Teeth Be?

Generally speaking, a good rule to follow for how white your teeth should be is one shade lighter than the whites of your eyes. Some people prefer whiter teeth, and that’s a personal choice. However, teeth whiter than a shade lighter than the whites of your eyes can have an unnatural appearance and cross what’s know as the uncanny valley, which is when something looks almost too real and becomes creepy.

Take the Whitening Power of GLO Home with You

After your first teeth whitening treatment at Super Smiles Dental, you can take home the power of GLO to use conveniently in the privacy of your home. Super Smiles is a certified retailer of the GLO teeth whitening system and once you’ve been shown how to properly administer the treatment, you can use the system yourself once you think another treatment is needed (usually after about four months).

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